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7 Challenges Faced By Startup Businesses In SEO And How To Overcome Them

17 Nov

Marketing startup businesses in SEO can be a challenge, even though they bring new, unexplored, and interesting ideas to the market. It s important for any startup to get the word out about the nature of their business while reaching an audience that matters. That s where having a good SEO strategy comes into play. Hiring an experienced webmaster is highly recommended. The expert will implement an array of techniques to get your website noticed by search engines. In turn, these search engines reach your target audience so that you can convey everything you want about your new business. Webmasters well-versed in the unique challenges of startup businesses in SEO will be good team members. Investing in good SEO efforts will result in a constant stream of business. The great thing about search engine optimization is that the costs are much lower in comparison to traditional means of print and electronic media advertising. The entire SEO process is best handled by a professional because G


Seed to Series A: The Process of Obtaining Second Round Startup Funding

29 Sep

Sportsmanias, a website that is aiming to become the Internet s top destination for die-hard sports fans, got off to a great start in 2013 when the company secured $1 million in seed funding from Bogota-based Mas Equity Partners. One year later Vicente Fernandez and Aymara Del Aguila, the mother and son team that founded the company, told the Miami Herald that they secured an additional $3.5 million in Series A Financing. Jorge Mas, of Mas Equity Partners, said his firm was happy to invest another $3 million into the company after witnessing it quadruple its web traffic from 500,000 to over 2 million unique visitors per month. Mas also pointed to the startup s free app for users to get alerts on professional sports free agency, and its head-to-head feeds that create real-time experiences that make fans feel like they re at the actual games. A second unnamed investor provided an additional $500,000 in funding because of the company s promise. Series A Financing typically comes after a

The Shark Tank Formula for Startup Success

26 Aug

On the hit ABC show Shark Tank, contestants don’t survive the tank simply because they’re pretty…Well, maybe sometimes. But, to actually win the show and achieve startup success, you’ve got to know how to play the game. This is especially difficult when the rules of the game are very tricky and almost nonexistent. Yet, the same is true for your startup company outside of reality TV in this cutthroat business world. In order to make it, you’re going to compete against a horde of bigger sharks that have been around a lot longer than your startup has and a lot of other baby sharks in the same boat as you. Beyond just a killer idea, it takes skill, practice, ambition, and a whole lot of patience to get ahead. You have to figure out how to get consumers to come to you, and even more importantly these days, how to get your social media accounts running to amass an army of loyal followers marketing for you. While it is important to know who to target, it is even more essential to k