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How To Recover Hacked Websites – Manual Action (Google Recent Update)

6 Nov

In October 2015, Google made algorithm changes to target hacked websites and affected 5% of queries. You can t help but worry the moment you realize that your website has been hacked. However, remember that yours is one among hundreds of websites that get infected with viruses and malware all the time. The good news is that the following article on hacked websites has you covered. I ll go through the basics to help restore your website and its controls. How Did Your Website Get Hacked? Cyber criminals usually find vulnerable spots in your website and take advantage of it by introducing malware or viruses. For instance, you may install a plug-in to your website that unbeknownst to you has a vulnerability cyber criminals can capitalize on. Then, the attackers create a virus and release it to the Internet. This virus hunts for websites that have this plug-in installed and hack them. Most people doesn t realize their websites are hacked until Google indicates such in its search results. A