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Step By Step Guide On Google News Listing Approval

14 Jan

Getting Google News approval can greatly improve your website s online exposure. The Google News section aims to provide an updated list of the latest events from reliable, authoritative sources. Since most of the links here come from reputable media or news outlets, it can be challenging for smaller sites to gain visibility. However, following the right steps can get your site noticed. Meeting Google’s Webmaster guidelines is the first step to acquiring Google News approval. In this article, I ll guide you to getting a news listing and a steady source of traffic. General Guidelines


Alexa Rank: Everything You Need To Know

29 Oct

Having a high ranking with Google is how most people measure the success of their online marketing efforts, but Alexa Rank could be important too. Some SEO experts believe that Alexa works just as well for websites looking to attract more traffic and increase conversions. Being aware of your website s Alexa Rank could help you find better techniques and strategies for optimizing your platform for financial profit. In this article, I ve compiled all the essentials you must know about the Alexa ranking system.

Is Referral Spam Killing Your Analytics?

1 Oct

For those of you using Google Analytics for your website, you’ve probably noticed a boost in your referral traffic within the platform. Don t get too excited because is a result of referral spam, or ghost referrals. This traffic doesn’t actually visit your site. It s a spam issue that s been troubling website owners all over the world more and more over the past year. Referral spam happens when an unscrupulous site owner tries to send fake referral traffic. Ghost referrals are used for fooling analytics into thinking that your website is sending traffic to other web pages. Their main goal is to trick Google into thinking that a particular website is receiving more traffic than it actually is. The problem is that these are not spiders or bots that can be easily blocked on your site. Although referral spam isn t directly harmful to you, it could negatively impact you in several key ways. How Does Referral Spam Affect Analytics Data? As mentioned earlier, ghost referrals won t direc

Steps to Recover from Google Panda 4.0 Update

5 Nov

Upon its launch, Google Panda was touted as one of the most controversial algorithm update from Google but with time it did help remove low quality websites from search engine to improve the quality of search results. But many web masters are still under stress due to the panda update as its penalty may unknowingly even ban sites that are really good. If you are one of the websites that Google Panda affected then go through the whole post thoroughly and follow this guide to recover from the Panda effect. Modify the website Be alert and constantly check your website. Keep a track of the web pages that are gaining popularity and if any page requires modifications fix it right then. If any tab or page is not working then quickly fix it or remove it as it can affect the site’s credibility. Learn how users are entering your website and improve on its structure to make it user-friendly and interesting. If your site is accessible and takes less time to load people would love to visit your

How to Grow Your Blog Outside of Google Organic Search

23 Jun

Bloggers, and really anyone who runs a website, can appreciate the importance of a great Google organic search ranking… heck, that s why there is an entire industry devoted to improving search rankings (SEO specialists). However, Google organic search rankings are not the only way that visitors find your website – and the rankings shouldn t be. Beyond the idea that you should never put all of your eggs in one basket, Google is far from consistent – and consistency and reliability are important. Too many sites have been unwittingly turned upside down overnight when Google updates its algorithms. Not only do the algorithm changes mean needing to find how to increase your ranking with the new algorithm; it also means that your previously great search listing might now be all but invisible. All of this considered, there are numerous ways to grow your blog and increase traffic outside of Google s organic search listings – here are three of them to get you started: Strategy #1: Pass