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30 Proven Ideas To Increase Ecommerce Conversion [INFOGRAPHIC]

21 Dec

It’s natural to feel lost when your website is just not generating enough revenue from eCommerce conversion. You re likely confused why all those people visiting your site simply walk away without making a purchase. While your Internet traffic statistics look great, the balance sheet paints a sorry picture. Well, the problem might the way you re projecting your products online. In my infographic below, I ll bring you several detailed tactics to help turn your website into a money-making winner. Here s a short snippet of the simple tips I ve presented to catapult your eCommerce conversion. Employ the Scarcity Principle How you present your products online is as important as the quality of your products. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Would you be more inclined to purchase a shirt if you find that there are just two of a particular design left? You would surely act quickly if the design has swept you off your feet. Now compare this psychology to a scenario where the websi


Critical Components in Every Successful Ecommerce Website Design

11 Jun

If you’re looking for the easiest and most cost-effective way to start a product selling business, consider e-commerce. You can also make use of e-commerce to simplify your existing business. If you keep an eye on some critical components during ecommerce website design, you will enjoy a great return on investment. E-commerce is a good opportunity to expand the business to a national and international level and to make business processes faster and more efficient. With e-commerce you will reduce paperwork and increase effectiveness. The number of customers turning to online shopping is constantly rising. They want to buy all kinds of products from companies around the world, from anywhere, at any time. Customers can now easily compare products and read other people’s reviews. Basically, e-commerce is popular for a reason and it can only add more to your business. However, you should consider some essential components of ecommerce web design, so that you and your customers can

Shopify vs. WooCommerce: Which is Right for You?

18 Dec

Ecommerce is a popular business-to-customer (B2C) model that allows you to offer millions of products to customers around the globe without paying the costs of maintaining a physical retail establishment. As more businesses choose the eCommerce method, Internet platforms like Woocommerce and Shopify are growing popular to help set up their online shops. In this article, we ll take a close look at the debate between Shopify vs. WooCommerce to determine which is better for your company and why. 1. Pricing WooCommerce is a free open source toolkit for WordPress, so your initial costs will be null until you start developing plug-ins, hosting, and development. On the other hand, Shopify offers basic, professional, and unlimited monthly plans at $29, $79, and $179 respectively. It s clear to see that Shopify is more costly moneywise, even with the same features and hosting. 2. Customer Shopping Experience When choosing an eCommerce portal, it s essential to take into consideration your cust