29 Website Design Elements That Kill Your SEO And Conversions

18 Oct

Everyone hopes to choose the right website design elements for creating a visually appealing website that s easy to use. It s common knowledge that good web design can boost sales and help with optimization. Yet, there are certain website design elements that could hurt your site. Using any of these negative elements could hinder your website s ranking or conversion results. In this article, I ve highlighted 29 of these website design elements that could harm your SEO and Conversion. Little to no content Having fresh, quality content is one of the most essential website design elements for SEO. Search engines always prefer sites that have a lot of original content they can index and crawl. This was proven in a study conducted by serpIQ that examined the top 10 search results for more than 20,000 keywords. Researchers found that pages showing up in the top 10 list for any keyword on Google had an average content length of 2,000 words. Excessive use of CSS and JavaScript Sure, you can s


Influencer Marketing: The Next Level of Content Marketing

12 Oct

If you re a businessperson, then you have undoubtedly depended on content to market your products and services. Whether the quality of your content is good or bad is another question. When we view content from the SEO perspective, things change a bit. Google uses algorithms to weed out websites based on their content to form their search engine ranking. If you re not adhering to ethical SEO practices, you can expect a penalty. Google Penguin penalizes websites that use black-hat linking or spam tactics, whereas Google Panda degrades sites displaying low-quality content. Gone are the days when publishing a huge amount of content rich with keywords regardless of its quality level was acceptable. About.com and Ezine.com are perfect examples for this. How often do you find these websites appearing in your search results today? Compare them to the authenticated, genuine information displayed on Wikipedia and you ll see the difference. In simple words, creating engaging and useful cont

Is Referral Spam Killing Your Analytics?

1 Oct

For those of you using Google Analytics for your website, you’ve probably noticed a boost in your referral traffic within the platform. Don t get too excited because is a result of referral spam, or ghost referrals. This traffic doesn’t actually visit your site. It s a spam issue that s been troubling website owners all over the world more and more over the past year. Referral spam happens when an unscrupulous site owner tries to send fake referral traffic. Ghost referrals are used for fooling analytics into thinking that your website is sending traffic to other web pages. Their main goal is to trick Google into thinking that a particular website is receiving more traffic than it actually is. The problem is that these are not spiders or bots that can be easily blocked on your site. Although referral spam isn t directly harmful to you, it could negatively impact you in several key ways. How Does Referral Spam Affect Analytics Data? As mentioned earlier, ghost referrals won t direc

Full Insight On Multivariate Testing For A Higher Conversion Rate

28 Sep

Every website in cyberspace is trying to achieve something. It could be sales, lead generation, followers, subscriptions, or anything else. All the efforts made in creating the website, designing it, and writing good content leads to this ultimate goal. Then, what impedes on a website s ability to get its desired results? Usually, it s a problem with keeping visitors glued long enough to take action. Human beings are visually oriented creatures who require stimulating content. What fails to keep our attention will be ignored. We ll simply move on to the next visually appealing website, which could be your competitor s. In fact, an old article written by BBC in 2002 revealed that the average attention span of Internet users was nine seconds. It s likely even shorter now thanks to the plentiful options given to today s online traffic. What is visually appealing content to one person may be a turn-off for another. As a webmaster, it s virtually impossible to single-handedly determine

Is User Experience That Important When It Comes To SEO?

23 Sep

User experience may not first come to mind when you think of SEO, but what exactly is a search engine optimized website? Many bloggers and website owners mistakenly believe that it s making your site more relevant with title tags, meta tags, and alt tags. If you think the same, then you ve been fooled by SEO. An optimized website follows a set of on-page practices to make it more search engine friendly. While tags do help Google understand your site s content, the search engine uses more than 200 ranking factors to evaluate SERP ranking. All of Google s ranking factors can be summed up into these five major bullets. Two are based on link-building approach, one is based on social presence, and two are based on user experience, which is within your control. I ve written posts on link-building, on-page SEO, and social media previously, but today I d like to discuss the importance of user experience. Why should we focus on user behavior and user-centric SEO approaches? Google launch

Detailed Guide On App Store Optimization

16 Sep

When you’re competing against millions of mobile apps, app store optimization is a crucial goal for mobile publishers around the world to maximize visibility. That’s why you should look at all the possible methods for marketing your app and getting users to download it. App store optimization (ASO) that can be used to guarantee the profitable success of your mobile app. App Store Optimization – What Is It? The process of optimizing an app for higher search result rankings the app store and increased downloads is called app store optimization. A better rank ensures that your app becomes more noticeable to potential customers for relevant keywords. This brings in more traffic to your page in the app store. As a result, you get one step closer to realizing the goal of getting searchers to hit the download button. For a successful ASO process, you ll need to have an in-depth understanding of your targeted customer base. This means you must know the keywords your potential customers

Make Your Site A Conversion Machine With Persuasion Techniques

2 Sep

No matter how attractive your page looks or how much traffic you’re generating, you ll still need to use persuasion techniques to create impressive conversions. You can successfully optimize your conversion rate with the help of the six persuasion techniques mentioned in the book written by Robert Cialdini in 1984. For three decades, these strategies have been an integral part of the marketing world. Persuasion Techniques for Increasing Sales If you regularly visit marketing sites and read related posts, you’re probably acquainted with Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion. Let’s take a look at each of those principles and how some businesses are making use of them. Using these six persuasion techniques is paramount to boosting your conversion rate and bottom line. Reciprocity The principle of reciprocity works on the idea that when someone does you a favor, you feel obliged to do them one in return. Think about how we feel inclined to follow back someone on Twitter or Ins