18 Factors Guaranteed To Improve Your Ads Viewability And Increase Revenue!

4 Jan

Ads viewability is highly correlated to the publisher’s revenue. Thus, increasing it will help in reaping a better return on investment. The term “ad viewability” simply refers to how visible your ads are to users. It plays a huge role in the performance of your website and your business. Although the concept is relatively new in digital advertising, ads viewability has become a trending topic. 18 Factors: How to Boost Ads Viewability There are many factors that are in play when it comes to improving the viewability of ads. Whether it’s the placement, size, or quality in general, there are several aspects should take into consideration for creating profitable ads. In this article, I ll discuss 18 factors for improving your business s ads viewability and why it s important. Ad size – According to a study conducted by Think with Google, the size of your ads matters for viewability. The study showed that vertical units are the most viewable among all ad sizes. 120 x 240 ad unit


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