Is Referral Spam Killing Your Analytics?

1 Oct

For those of you using Google Analytics for your website, you’ve probably noticed a boost in your referral traffic within the platform. Don t get too excited because is a result of referral spam, or ghost referrals. This traffic doesn’t actually visit your site. It s a spam issue that s been troubling website owners all over the world more and more over the past year. Referral spam happens when an unscrupulous site owner tries to send fake referral traffic. Ghost referrals are used for fooling analytics into thinking that your website is sending traffic to other web pages. Their main goal is to trick Google into thinking that a particular website is receiving more traffic than it actually is. The problem is that these are not spiders or bots that can be easily blocked on your site. Although referral spam isn t directly harmful to you, it could negatively impact you in several key ways. How Does Referral Spam Affect Analytics Data? As mentioned earlier, ghost referrals won t direc


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