Full Insight On Multivariate Testing For A Higher Conversion Rate

28 Sep

Every website in cyberspace is trying to achieve something. It could be sales, lead generation, followers, subscriptions, or anything else. All the efforts made in creating the website, designing it, and writing good content leads to this ultimate goal. Then, what impedes on a website s ability to get its desired results? Usually, it s a problem with keeping visitors glued long enough to take action. Human beings are visually oriented creatures who require stimulating content. What fails to keep our attention will be ignored. We ll simply move on to the next visually appealing website, which could be your competitor s. In fact, an old article written by BBC in 2002 revealed that the average attention span of Internet users was nine seconds. It s likely even shorter now thanks to the plentiful options given to today s online traffic. What is visually appealing content to one person may be a turn-off for another. As a webmaster, it s virtually impossible to single-handedly determine


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