Make Your Site A Conversion Machine With Persuasion Techniques

2 Sep

No matter how attractive your page looks or how much traffic you’re generating, you ll still need to use persuasion techniques to create impressive conversions. You can successfully optimize your conversion rate with the help of the six persuasion techniques mentioned in the book written by Robert Cialdini in 1984. For three decades, these strategies have been an integral part of the marketing world. Persuasion Techniques for Increasing Sales If you regularly visit marketing sites and read related posts, you’re probably acquainted with Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion. Let’s take a look at each of those principles and how some businesses are making use of them. Using these six persuasion techniques is paramount to boosting your conversion rate and bottom line. Reciprocity The principle of reciprocity works on the idea that when someone does you a favor, you feel obliged to do them one in return. Think about how we feel inclined to follow back someone on Twitter or Ins


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