Want Immediate Business Impact? Look at Content Marketing

16 Jan

Content marketing is hardly new as either a concept or a catchphrase. Marketers from brands and agencies alike are all too familiar with the craze of content that has been increasing in fervor over the past couple years. Clients and consumers want more and more of it, and marketers are having to get creative to find new ways to satisfy the demand while still being strategic.If you’ve been wanting to start from scratch with content marketing, or if you’re a well established pro, there are three areas you might want to consider to elevate this area of your marketing efforts.Appeal to the VisualIt’s been said that men are visual creatures, but it’s really the entire human race that is drawn to what can be seen. Great content requires a complementary mix of solid information and entertaining anecdotes, but text alone will only get you so far. Most people will see an article that is word-saturated, and pass it by. It could be the most fascinating read of all time, but text is hardl


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