Shopify vs. WooCommerce: Which is Right for You?

18 Dec

Ecommerce is a popular business-to-customer (B2C) model that allows you to offer millions of products to customers around the globe without paying the costs of maintaining a physical retail establishment. As more businesses choose the eCommerce method, Internet platforms like Woocommerce and Shopify are growing popular to help set up their online shops. In this article, we ll take a close look at the debate between Shopify vs. WooCommerce to determine which is better for your company and why. 1. Pricing WooCommerce is a free open source toolkit for WordPress, so your initial costs will be null until you start developing plug-ins, hosting, and development. On the other hand, Shopify offers basic, professional, and unlimited monthly plans at $29, $79, and $179 respectively. It s clear to see that Shopify is more costly moneywise, even with the same features and hosting. 2. Customer Shopping Experience When choosing an eCommerce portal, it s essential to take into consideration your cust


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