Does Wearable Tech Make Sense for Your Business Operations?

22 Aug

Wearable tech is waging a war for the hearts and minds of consumers. Early adopters praise them for the fresh perspective while skeptics ban them for fears of privacy violation. Although the consumer arena is drawing the most attention, businesses are quietly waving the white flag by adopting the products without much hassle. The argument for wearables certainly makes sense in theory, but will they benefit all businesses in a practical way? Each business has to make its own call, but the benefits are undoubtedly biased. Those That It Will Help Manual Labor Wearables in contracted labor excel best by providing a point-of-view feed and recording of the work. From laying tile to fixing broken AC units, businesses can have senior employees in dozens of places when viewing the feed from field workers. Complex work would no longer require multiple trips in order to access the situation as experts could work directly through employees on site without restriction. This surrogate labor signifi


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