Empowering your Customer Service Representatives

10 Mar

My heart goes out to all Customer Service Representatives, or any frontline employees who deal directly with customers – they probably have one of the hardest jobs in the world. Having to deal with the quirks of human beings day in and day out with a smile on your face is certainly no mean feat. In fact, it comes as no surprise that, a month or two into the job, customer service representatives (CSRs) will start to feel the toll, which in turn severely affects their service quality. Chances are that your CSRs are beginning to feel the heat because they are unable to do their job properly. You see, most companies train newbie CSRs with a manual dated back to the Stone Age. This is perfectly fine if all customer requests adhered completely to the scenarios outlined in these manuals, but as we all know, many times a customer might request for something absolutely reasonable (can I have a bit more milk in my coffee please?), but the answer just isn’t there (how much should I charge fo


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