The Beginner’s Guide to Native Advertising

13 Feb

As an online marketer, you have come across this new format time and time again. People continue to struggle to define this format since it is a burgeoning industry without many rules and guidelines. We will describe why we think this new term has surfaced and taken the online advertising world by storm. This is by no means a complete guide for content marketers, but aims to discuss why the native advertising industry exists and the concerns around using this format for marketers. At Cooperatize, we work to simplify the native advertising landscape for marketers. The Need for Native In the digital advertising landscape, marketers are facing increased competition and noise in the paid search, display, mobile, and social arenas. Generating awareness and affinity through digital engagement is difficult when they only have 140 characters in a Tweet, 25 characters in a Google AdWords headline, or 62,500 pixels in a 250


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