Learn the Rules of the Game – How to Win Negotiations

6 Feb

Imagine the following scenario: you’re getting ready for a tennis match. You have a great good racquet in your hand and you’re looking forward to playing and giving it your best. As soon as you arrive at the court you realize that your opponent has prepared a table and two chairs on the side where there’s a chess board packed with pawns, knights, and rooks. Are you prepared to play the game? The scenario we just mentioned has been played out millions of times before, except not with a chess board or a tennis racquet, but in a business negotiation. One side of the table comes with a clear understanding of the rules of the game, yet the opponent changes everything and prepares a whole new set. So the question is this: are you ready to play tennis, so as to arrive at the negotiation table to play chess? How to win negotiations following the rules of the game In a business negotiation, parties negotiate after the rules of the games have been laid out on the table. It’s important f


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